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Bridging The Impossible Gap Between Life and Death!!!  Saving Lives One Flight at a Time




        The Gift of Life Air Transportation was formed to fill the gap and provide the much
  needed but neglected air transport service.

        Our goal is to be able to provide No and Low Cost mid and long range air
  transportation and air ambulance services which is currently not offered by any non profit
  air service in the United States. Through the use of mid and long range pressurized
  aircraft piloted by professional pilots we provide safe, fast comfortable reliable service
  throughout the contiguous United States with future plan to expand into Canada, Mexico
  and Alaska.

       Although special consideration is given to children and senior citizens afflicted with
   catastrophic and life threatening illnesses and conditions. Every transport request is given
  equal consideration.

       In addition to this we will continue to provide needed air and ground transport
  for the delivery of disaster supplies into disaster areas and in the removal of
  injured and at risk from disaster areas, as we did during the weeks after
  hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

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