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Welcome to the Gift of Life Air Transportation Membership Pages

Gift of Life Air Transportation Organization offers different types of memberships from Private Donors to Corporate Sponsorships

Check out the brief discriptions of each and click on the link to find out more information or to join.

Private Donors

This Membership is for the people who wish to do their part. It offers the private donor benefits that can't be found anywhere else. The Gift of Life Air Transportation Organization is currently working with businesses such as hotels, car rental agencies and local retailer to offer the Gift of Life Member Special Discounts.

Mail In and Online Application Available.

Private Donors Click Here

Physicians Membership

This Membership is for both the private practice and medical facilities physician. It offers physicians the same benefits as the private donor, the business and the hospital and medical facilities memberships. It gives physicians to use their special life saving talents where they are needed the most.

Mail In and Online Application Available.

Physicians Click Here

Business Membership

This Membership is for the small business owner who wants to get involved in helping. The business membership offer several ways to do this, it also offers the small business owner some great benefits such as free and low cost advertising, new ways to attract customers. Check out the informantion page for a complete break down of benefits and join today.

Business Information Click Here

Special Services Membership

The Special Servcies Membership is for businesses that can provide supplies, or other necessary servcies to Gift of Life Air Transportation, it's Patients, Support Personnel and Members. There are many different types of supplies and services that provide a vital lifeline for the Gift of Life Air Transportation Organization and the People we Serve. The Special Servcies Membership does not have annual dues, because the businesses that qualify for this membership are called upon to provide these items or services on a monthly basis. If you think you qualify please fill out the application. Note: not all businesses qualify Gift of Life Air Transportation has the right to deny any application for this type of membership. For more information please call Gift of Life Air Transportation at (281)651-8187 or (281)650-1380

Special Servcies Information Click Here

Hospital, Medical Treatment and Research Facilities Membership

This is a complimentary membership offered to all Hospitals and other types of Medical Facilities. The Membership has no annual dues. We Invite all Hospitals and other Medical Facilities to become members. For more information please contact The Gift of Life Air Transportation at (281)651-8187 or (281)650-1380 or e-mail us at giftoflifeair@yahoo.com.

Hospitals and Other Medical Facilities Information Click Here

Corporate Sponsorship

For corporations of all sizes we offer sponsorship packages from $25,000.00 some with extra benefits. To view the different types of sponsorships available and there benefits please follow the link below.

Corporate Sponsorship Information Click Here


This is for people who wish to do something to help but are unable to become a member. The time you give us by voluteering is very valuable and help us to provide services that we could not otherwise provide. If you wish to volunteer your time please click on the link below.

Click Here To Volunteer