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       Investor Information:

        Gift of Life Air Transportation Inc. is currently seeking capital for it's non-profit
    organization and to add a Commercial For-Profit Part 135 and 121 Air Service
    Company (DBA Touch of Class Custom Air Service) to it's current operations. This
    opportunity can be either Short Term (3 to 5 years) or Long Term (6 to 10 years) in
    nature. Our expectation is a 100 to 200% return above the initial investment with regard
    to the duration of the agreement.

        There is an added incentive to participating in our project. Since the primary
    corporation is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation your initial investment will provide
    you with a significant tax deduction. In addition we are also investigating the
    possibility of taking the for-profit part of the corporation public with-in the first 2
    years of operation.

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Touch of Class Business Plan
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        For more Information Please Contact James Morrison by phone at
    (281)799-4371 or to contact by e-mail
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