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Current Missions

Frank from El Paso Texas
Frank is 86 years old and has been recently diagnosed with cancer. Frank has been referred to M. D. Anderson Medical Center in Houston. Franks friend Barbara McClure has contacted us to transport Frank, his wife Geraldine and friend Barbara. Barbara got our name from the American Cancer Society. We will be making the arrangements to bring Frank, his Wife and Friend to Houston the end of Feb.

Betty from the Harlingen Texas
Betty is 81 years old suffers from Lung Cancer. Betty currently a patient at Harlingen Heart Hospital but needs to be moved to Methodist Hospital in Houston. We received the call 5:30 the night before from her daughter for a 11am pick-up the next day. Although unable to be there at 11am we were able to make the arrangements and will be picking her up at 12:30pm. The Doctors at Harlingen Heart Hospital have made the arrangements to provide the Oxygen she will need to make the flight.
Betty(center) with Daughters upon arrival in Houston

Laura from Nashville Tennessee
Laura is 27 years old and suffers from a brain tumor and is receiving treatment at M. D. Anderson in Houston Texas. Bernadette from Angel Flight of Georgia called us for help in getting Laura and her mother to Houston. Angel Flight of Georgia will provide the first leg of the transport from Nashville Tennessee to Grenada Mississippi, from this point we will provide the transport to Houston Texas. We will also be aiding Angel Flight Georgia in providing the return transportation for Laura and her mother.

Jayne from Wichita Falls Texas
Jayne has already under gone surgery for her cancer and is now in the treatment phase. Her treatment consists of 5 days of radiation and kemo therapy through September 4th 2003 at Presbyterian Hospital. At first she had her husband drive her but it became too much to do every week twice a week, the trip by car is 3 hours each direction. Jayne contacted the Dallas office of The American Cancer Society and they in turn contacted us. Jayne requires transportation on Sundayís from her home in Wichita Falls to Dallas for her week of treatment and again on Fridayís from Dallas to her home in Wichita Falls to be able to spent time with her family.

Jeannie from Dallas Texas
Jeannie a single mother of 2 from Dallas who has recently been laid off has just found out her mother in California has Breast Cancer and must under go surgery, she wishes to be with her mother during this time but cannot afford airfare. She turned to The American Cancer Society for help they have in turn contacted us. We have spoken with Jeannie and are on standby waiting for word on when the surgery will be scheduled. It was supposed to be this week but they are now waiting for approval from her motherís insurance company before they can proceed.

Ladelle from Spartanburg South Carolina
This one comes to us from Angel Flight. Angel Flight was contacted by Ladelle's daughter Ashley. LaDelle has been diagnosed with cancer and is going to be receiving treatment at M. D. Anderson Cancer Research Center Houston,Texas this is over 700 miles from thier home. Ashley contacted Angel Flight to arrange air transportation for her mother, Angel Flight contacted us to provide a link since they do not fly that far. Angel Flight has since contacted us and asked us to provide full transport for Ladelle. We will be picking Ladelle and her Husband up August 20, 2003 to bring them to M. D Anderson for Ladelle's Treatment.

Laura and the people listed on this page,and so many others need and rely on us and other organizations to be able to get to the medical treatment they so desperately need. We rely totally on contributions we never charge to provide these services.

Please Help Us Continue to Provide This Service To These People and the Many Others Who Need It. You Never Know When You or Someone You Love Could be Affected by Something Like This. Wouldn't It Be Nice To Know We Will Be There To Help Just In Case?

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