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     About Us:

     Founded in 2001 by James Morrison a professional pilot who saw need that was going
  unfulfilled by charity flight organization. Gift of Life Air Transportation Inc. became the
  first Non-Profit Full Service Air Ambulance in the United States filling the gap
  between charity flight organizations and the commercial air ambulance services. Gift of
  Life Air Transportation offers everything a commercial air ambulance offers, but at Low
  and No Cost
depending on each individuals situation (see Terms and Conditions
  for details).

    The aircraft flown by Gift of Life Air Transportation are pressurized cabin class aircraft
  that can be configured and crewed to accommodate any patient or medical need,
  including wheel chairs, stretchers, oxygen, IVís and other medical equipment as is
  necessary, we can even provide in-flight medical personnel when needed (not offered by
  other volunteer charity flight organizations).

   All of our aircraft are piloted by professional pilots trained specifically for medical
  and emergency flight operations. We feel that this and the use of larger cabin class aircraft
  provides the patient a greater sense of security and a safer more comfortable flight

   As a non-profit organization we rely completely on private donations, sponsors and
  grants to maintain our flight operations, without support we are unable to make the
  desperately needed flights. Please support us in our efforts

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   Gift of Life Air Transportation is a non-profit corporation incorporated under the laws of
  The State of Texas and has been determined to meet the guidelines as a 501(C)3 Tax
  Exempt non-profit by The United States of America Internal Revenue

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