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        Company Statement:

        Gift of Life Air Transportation provides no and Low cost air transportation to patients,
    medical treatment and research facilities, hospitals, disaster victims, disaster relief and
    other charitable organizations and emergencies.

        Although there are other no cost patient transport services out there, what makes Gift
    of Life unique is that:
                1). It also provides this service to the medical community.
                2). To disaster victims and relief organizations.
                3). And emergency service.
                    (These services will be gone over one by one in detail alittle later.)
                4). And unlike Angel flight, Air Lifeline and Miracle Flight to names a few,
                    Gift of Life does not rely solely on volunteer pilot nor does
                    Gift of Life rely on corporations to volunteer an empty seat on their
                    aircraft as does The Share a Seat program. Gift of Life is owned and
                    operated by a professional pilot who employs professional pilot to fly
                    company owned or leased aircraft whose whole mission is to provide
                    this service, Gift of life does use volunteer pilot and their aircraft when
                    necessary, but does not rely on them for this service.

        The reasoning behind this decision is that when using volunteers many factors come into
    play such as available time, money, job and family or personal obligations. With paid
    professionals doing this service, it is their job and this eliminates many of these problems.

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